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AEIC’s founding philosophy, ” offering competitive, sustainable, pricing and superior professional and executive liability products to a select group of firms with a demonstrated commitment to utilizing the principles of loss prevention and risk management within their practices…” has found a growing audience with design professionals as commercial carriers have withdrawn from the market for either business considerations or because of financial difficulties brought on by irresponsible underwriting.

Founded in 1988, AEIC has been a stabilizing influence on the commercial marketplace. Chartered under the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act, AEIC offers coverage to design firms nationally. Today, AEIC remains the only architect & engineer “owned” insurance company, addressing the unique professional liability needs of the design community.   While AEIC writes coverage for design firms of all disciplines, AEIC has become a popular alternative for specialty firms difficult to place in traditional commercial markets due to their niche practices.   Firms with professional fees in excess of $1M find AEIC’s rate structure most competitive.   The AEIC program is accessible to any independent agent.   AEIC also accepts submissions from wholesale agencies.   An agency contract is not required to place coverage through AEIC.   In most cases, AEIC is able to offer a premium quotation from a competitor’s application form.

AEIC’s program manager, Specialty Managers Group (SMG), provides all of AEIC’s policyholder, broker, risk management and claims management services.

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Overview e-Brochure